Custom denim clothing versus off the shelves denim clothing

There’s a big difference between denim products bought off the shelves and designer denim clothing specifically made for you. It all starts with the fit.

Somehow, a fully customized set of denim clothing fits better than the normal, run of the mill denim you see in malls.

Now, this is not to say those products you bought off the shelves is inferior. It’s simply not as good as what you can have customized. The fit is never going to be right. It will come close but you haven’t truly lived if you haven’t had your own unique set made.

Okay let me explain further, denim clothing you see in the mall are created to fit the general public based on the accepted sizes indicated for human bodies. You’re lucky if you fall under the normal standards of ectomorphs and mesomorphs. But, if you don’t then these denim clothes aren’t going to fit right. It might not seem obvious to most people but you’ll definitely feel it. And because of that, you might feel uncomfortable while wearing it. Extended periods of wearing it are eventually going to affect your mood and self-esteem.

Now, when it comes to custom denim clothing, these clothes are designed specifically for you. You are measured exactly to fit into it without any excess material (unless you want to have some). This makes it feel like a second skin that you wear.

Not only are you comfortable in these clothes but your mood is definitely going to improve. And with that, the end result is very high confidence.

This eventually leads to better interactions with others or a more efficient manner for you to move in your own clothes.

The only downsides to having custom denim clothing are: if your body shape changes or if you gain weight, you’ll definitely have ill-fitting clothes. The same goes if you lose weight. And the price of having your own set tailored to your exact specifications.
Since you’re buying a one off product, the cost of production is definitely going to be a little higher than the ordinary denim clothing you can buy in malls or from known brands.

That’s a small price to pay when you think about the positive aspects it can bring to your life.

With that said, let’s go on to more positive aspects of having denim clothing created specifically for you.

You can choose the type of material used. There are all sorts of denim material offered in the market today. You can have a really thick roll of denim if you live in areas where it gets cold pretty quickly or you can have some really lightweight material to help you have more freedom with your movements. The possibilities are endless.

You can have it knit a specific way so the clothing you wear moves in concert with your body as you go through your daily motions.

Lastly, you can have a specific look achieved. Your tailor is going to create your denim clothing according to your tastes and probably suggest some things that may make it better or tell you if it is possible to do or not. The thing is, you have a high level of customizability that you can enjoy if you have your denim clothing personalized.

Other aesthetic qualities can be added later on depending on your taste and needs.

So, the next time you’re in the mall trying your hardest to look for the exact size, why not save a little more time and just have a whole set tailor fit specifically for you?

What’s a few more dollars in exchange for happiness and comfort?

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