Gorgeous Dresses For Your High School Prom

Prom occasions are usually characterized by romantic flowers, limo rides, glistening lights and of course a special person by your side. This is what makes high school prom one of the most memorable occasions in life. This is why it is important that ladies get the best prom dresses that will guarantee them wonderful memories for many years to come. Prom night normally serves as a snapshot encapsulation of any girl’s high school career. Here is a guideline on what constitutes the best prom dresses and how to buy:

Best Prom Dresses For This Year’s Prom

The following are some insightful tips on how to buy the best prom dresses:

When Should You Shop?

It is important to know the ideal time to buy the best prom dresses. It is worth noting that shops that specialize in prom dresses tend to have an exemplary selection throughout the year. However, ladies who have summer proms should look for the latest styles as early as the month of October. It has also become a trend for new styles of prom dresses to be available by the end of January in the prom year. This essentially means that one can shop at any time for the best prom dress, and we recommend you find a store near you soon.


The budget you intend to spend on a prom dress should be very clear in your mind before you even decide to go shopping for it. This calls for prior consultation with the financiers of the prom dress so as to arrive at a decision. It is also not advisable to buy a dress directly from abroad mainly because a majority of foreign websites fail to disclose the cost of import charges that will be involved in the transaction. There is also another risk of not getting the prom dress your ordered when you buy directly from abroad.

Perfect fit

3 prom dress styles

A good prom dress should be one that is right for your figure. Ladies with a rather full figure should embrace a bodice style dress. This is because bodices will nip the lady at the waist and allows a great fit for their bust especially if they are equipped with a lace-up back. Ladies with a big tummy should select prom dresses that have a pleating detail or overlay fabric around the waist to hide it. Ladies who prefer wearing bras should look for prom dresses equipped with bra-friendly straps instead of spaghetti straps.

Red-carpet prom dresses have beautiful beaded detail and amazing low backs, they tend to be increasingly figure-hugging in shape.


It is necessary for ladies to know their actual size. It is also important to know that dresses are not sized like everyday clothes are. This because designers are yet to agree on the standard for women and girls. Regardless of such facts the prom dress you select should fit you and look very good on you.


More prom dress styles

It is always advisable to get a slightly larger dress as it is rather easy to successfully alter it to fit you. This is better than trying to squeeze in a small prom dress. Always keep in mind that unattractive creases and tight material will make one appear bigger.

Going short

If you prefer to wear short prom dresses, you can consider the short and flared vintage-style dresses that were worn in the 1950’s. There are also dresses which are short at the front side and longer at the back (popularly known as high flows) that are ideal for those seeking celebrity prom glamour.

Shoe selection

It is highly recommended that ladies try their potential prom dresses with the shoes they intend to wear on their big day. This helps to give a vivid idea of how the prom dress really looks and whether or not it will require some altering. Fancy hemlines go well with higher heels while flared prom dresses blend well with trainers, open-toe shoes or even a pair of pretty slip-ons.


A majority of prom dresses often require some alteration done on them. The common alterations are usually those of the straps, the length and the bust area. Such cost implications should be clear in the mind of ladies when they are buying their prom dresses. Most dressmakers give a 3-week allowance for this reason. There are numerous alteration services that are available online and it is also a popular service with dry-cleaners. It is important to carry along the particular underwear and shoes that you are going to wear the dress with when taking it for alteration fitting.


The above insightful information gives ladies a few useful tips on how to go about selecting and consequently buying the best prom dresses for this milestone.

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