Top-Rated Professional Hair Clippers For Barbers

Hair clippers are indispensable to barbers. They are some of the most basic tools in a barber’s toolbox. Because of this, it only makes sense for barbers to choose the very best equipment for the job. There are basically two types of hair clippers, depending on what powers them. There are manual clippers that require a lot of input from the barber. Then there are electrical clippers that are a lot more convenient to use. Needless to say, barbers are better off using electrical clippers because they are so much easier to operate.

What to Consider When Buying Hair Clippers

Electrical clippers can either be cordless or corded. The cordless clippers are battery-powered, and are much easier to use when cutting hair. As a barber, there are several things that you should consider before settling on any particular clipper. One key thing that you must consider is the design of the clipper. You want a light and well- designed clipper that gives a solid grip and is easy to use. That way, you will not tire too quickly. Secondly, the clipper must be made of sturdy material. Any barber will tell you that these clippers fall more often than you would imagine, or otherwise get less-than-gentle treatment.

You also want a clipper with a powerful motor. It makes it easier to cut your way through the thickest of hair. A cordless clipper should have a battery with a long life. And ultimately, you want a device with sharp, detachable blades that are easy to clean. Now that you know what to look for in a clipper, here are some of the best hair clippers for skilled barbers.

The Best Hair Clippers

  1. Andis Men’s 5 Speed – This is without doubt one of the very best hair clippers on the market. It is an impressive clipper that can either be corded or cordless. It has detachable blades that are very sharp and easy to clean. Its motor is powerful but silent which is more than pleasant to customers. It is also always lubricated, and comes with various blades which offer styling versatility. It boasts of a powerful battery that takes a fraction of an hour to get fully charged. It also has a refresh button that boosts the battery strength and life. On the flip side however, it is a fairly expensive clipper. But it is well worth every single coin you spend on it.
  2. Wahl Professional 8546 – This is yet another classic hair clipper that is favored by most professional barbers. Some of its impressive features include the fact that it has a lithium ion battery that is long lasting, and has some of the most powerful blades on the market. The clipper comes with four LED displays that notify you of the battery charge levels. The blades are made of stainless steel which is resistant to rust. It also has a quiet but rather powerful motor that makes your work bliss. There have been complaints that this machine is not all that it is purported to be, but it is important to keep in mind that a high end product like this is highly likely to be counterfeited by unscrupulous business people. Take care to buy only the original product.
  3. Oster Model – Another product that is worth your attention is the Oster Model Hair Clipper. This clipper is remarkably light in weight, and is also easy to use. Like most other brands of its caliber, it comes with powerful and detachable blades that are clean to use. It is a corded clipper that comes with a ten foot long power cable. Its body is made of sturdy material, and this makes the clipper very durable. It is small in size, which makes it ideal for those with small hands. Its efficiency is without doubt amazing. Beware of fake products with this brand as well, because they are many in the market.Wahl Elite Pro
  4. Wahl Elite Pro – This is yet another product from Wahl that deserves a place among the best clippers. It is durable and has a powerful motor. It has self-sharpening blades. Impressive, isn’t it? It is however designed for use in the United States only, which perhaps explains why some of these clippers blow up when used in other countries.
  5. Moser Li+ Pro 1884 – Last but certainly least is this clipper that originates from Germany. It is sturdy, lightweight and has a good solid grip. It also has sharp, detachable blades that are clean to use. The clipper is as powerful as it is precise, and it comes with a long- lasting battery.


When choosing clippers for professional use, take your time and invest in worthwhile equipment. Cutting hair is not only about skill, but also about the equipment you use. Take care to buy only genuine equipment: it might be expensive at first, but it will save you plenty of time and money over the long haul.

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