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Cute Coloring Pages for Your Cheerful Days

Coloring activities have now become a fun hobby and make the days more colorful. Adults like cute coloring pages where they can download adorable pictures that don’t need to think much in coloring them. It’s like going back to childhood where these cute pictures are often colored in the colors they like.

Kids will see pictures such as mushrooms, princesses, kings, cows, hippos, butterflies, grasshoppers, fairies, and other characters with adorable shapes on the cute coloring pages. Kids will be happy to meet Mooyana the beautiful cow with long eyelashes, thick lips, and chubby cheeks flushed red. When she bleating means she is hungry.

A plump farmer in a wear-pack suit came with a pile of grass on a cart. Don’t forget the talking shovel. Just as Mooyana was about to ruminate a bundle of grass, the shovel left a message for her. 

 “Hey, Mooyana…take it slow while you eat so that your stomach is always healthy. And when you’re full, please stop. Give other ruminants a chance to enjoy this delicious healthy meal.” Oh, you will see other ruminants on the cute coloring pages

Mooyana also blinked one eye and nodded coquettishly. She didn’t forget to kiss the shovel after finishing her chewing. 

The fairies also play with the fireflies while Mooyana and the farmer’s family fall asleep. They are as big as a Tinkerbell or thumb you know with beautiful wings shining like fireflies.

The fairies wear colorful clothes with golden glittering. You will only see the twinkle in the sky or when you approach the window. If you could take a closer look at a fairy, you would be able to see the beautiful color of her clothes. Color the cute fairies in cute coloring pages based on your imagination. Ssssshhh…if a fairy knocks on your bedroom window, will you open the window or not? Can she come into your room and chat with you for a bit?

Then winter greets Mooyana and the farm family. Snow piled on the ground. Mooyana and the farm family are cold. It could be seen from the window of the house whose curtains were drawn that the family hearth of the rancher was lit. They warm up there humming yodel the old Macdonald has a farm yodel-oh-ee-dee-diddly-odel-diddly-odel-oh-ee-dee…

Mooyana is stuck in the cage. The haystack is warm enough but night will soon fall and it will be very cold. At that moment, she sees a pile of snow in front of her cage moving left and right until a cute snowman stands up slowly. “Hello,” he said. “I was lying down first when the night is going down. The farmer’s son had made a snowman and then he just left me when it snowed.

Now my body is getting bigger and I think I can chill with anyone who approaches me. I will walk to their window for the rancher’s son to come out after me. I’ll run up to your cage so he can see if your cage also needs heating to get through this harsh winter.”

Mooyana smiles at him. She laughs when she sees the snowman running towards her. Will you work on the cute coloring pages with the adorable snowman and a boy with a scarf running to chase the snowman? 

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