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Dinosaur Coloring Pages to Be Back to Ancient Times with Fun

Dinosaur Coloring Pages to Be Back to Ancient Times with Fun

Wanna go back to prehistoric times with fun? Why not just download funny pictures from our dinosaur coloring pages? We provide interesting illustrations from prehistoric times ranging from a herd of dinosaurs with various characteristics, ancient humans, stone houses, and depictions of the nomadic lifestyle at that time. Preschoolers, kids, teenagers to adults can enjoy coloring activities from sheet to sheet of dinosaurs drawings that they download from this page. 

You will meet Larry, a young anthropologist in our dinosaur coloring pages who joins in exploring the traces of prehistoric times with his father in a targeted area. Larry was amazed to find the intact bones of a stegosaurus that looked like it was lifting one leg. Larry pictured a stegosaurus smashing itself into a coconut tree. He wanted to play with the fallen coconuts with his kids. 

In another area, Larry dug the grave of a Plesiosaur. Its extremely long body occupied more than ten meters of ground. His head looks bent. Larry thought maybe this Plesiosaur was stalking his rivals before he could reach his feeding area full of hordes of other dinosaurs.

There was a Brachiosaurus that had a long neck and a rounded lower body in our dinosaur coloring pages. Brachiosaurus cubs love to glide smoothly from their mother’s neck to their back. 

Then, the twilight came. Larry and his father immediately went into the tent to rest and warm up. “Wow, what is this dad?” Larry looks at the cup on the table. It’s a cute cup with a cartoon T-rex that looks relaxed enjoying sipping fresh water from a coconut on the beach.

While there are three cubs of Triceratops who surrounded him with an umbrella from the coconut leaves. Larry thought it was funny to drink milk from the cartoon dinosaur cup. You can also definitely find cute dinosaurs in our dinosaur coloring pages. Find adorable dinosaurs that will make kids jump for joy once you download them. 

In his sleep, Larry met a herd of dinosaurs. They live peacefully in a vast forest with a dark green lake. Suddenly the water in the lake moves quickly to form waves. Larry thought he was about to meet the legendary Loch Ness creature. It was a Plesiosaur that was driving away the ancestors of crocodiles. The ancient crocodiles came to her with their mouths open.

The mother of the Plesiosaur held her baby deftly so that she would not fall and become food for the crocodiles. The cub has a soft pink body with a brownish tinge along its neck. Larry had never seen a Plesiosaur so cute.

In the end, the mother Plesiosaur managed to cross the lake and rise to the mainland. Her son is safe. Larry called the Plesiosaur baby. “Congrats, you are safe, Pinky buddy! Great!”

At that moment, Pinky turned to Larry and ran to where he was sleeping. Larry was surprised. This is just a dream but it feels real. Pinky licks Larry’s face, neck, and legs. Larry was so amused he jumped up laughing. When his eyes opened, he was shocked to have a dog climbing his body which a few minutes ago was still sleeping in the tent. What a magical dream!

Do download many pictures on our dinosaur coloring pages to be back to prehistoric times. 

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